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Food & Nutrition

I worked with The Life Enricher Team because I wanted to lose some weight and improve my eating habits. Like most people I could eat well for a week or two but could never maintain it.

I learnt so much about eating well and why I had struggled to keep it up previously. I have now lost weight and kept it off. I can honestly say I have changed my diet but actually enjoy my food more than ever and yet am not on “a diet” – it is completely liberating. I can see how wrong I was getting it before despite thinking cutting back was the only answer.

My experience with the team was fantastic. I was listened to. They provided me with personalised meal plans, brilliant shopping lists and completely practical help and advice. I was fully encouraged every step of the way Knowing someone has created totally enjoyable meal plans, personalised to my lifestyle and tastes – it’s such a unique service.

I am now eating healthier, I am more organised when it comes to food planning and I now completely appreciate the difference that it has made to me but most importantly I feel so much more positive in all that I do.

They really listen and understand what the matter is and how to help, getting to know you as a person. You quickly know you can trust them every step of the way and that they are always there to support. My Life is significantly Enriched!!

Client – December 2020


I recently worked with The Life Enricher Team when I was due to go back to work after maternity leave and my wardrobe needed updating and decluttering.

They were amazing! They helped me to find clarity of thought in what to keep and what to discard. Provided me with a clear road map to help me clarify my goals which gave me the headspace to make decisions on what I no longer needed.
We performed a wardrobe audit filtering out many items no longer used followed by a focused shopping trip, trying different styles and fabrics for some fresh new looks.

I was able to create more wardrobe space and think about the items more purposefully. I was able to sort out a lot of the items I had and narrow them down to ones I love.

We made some great purchases with different looks and styles that can be utilised to achieve different looks.

It was brilliant working with Rachel and the team. Their holistic experience and focused approach really helped me identify what I needed, address some of the gaps in my wardrobe and open my eyes to refreshing alternatives to suit my needs and shape. Rachel, in particular is an excellent listener and immediately got a sense of what I liked which made it a seamless experience.

I would highly recommend their services to others – a breath of fresh air, professional, empathetic approach makes the team a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!

Client – May 21

Work Life

I have known Rachel for 5 years and she is my go-to person for honest no ‘fluff’ advice on all things to do with my work life. She can bring out the good, the bad and the ugly, always asking the right questions to help me steer an issue, understand my feelings, or share my worries. She always gets it and can translate all my work ups and downs into something simple and understandable.

She listens, like really listens, does not judge and is not a preacher. When you are in her company you feel special, respected and that you can achieve anything.

Recently I knew she was the only person that could help guide me with key work decisions when I had found myself in an unfulfilling job on a treadmill of unhappiness. Rachel coached me through the issues and through her guidance and honesty I got to the right outcome, and I’ll be forever grateful.

Client – June 2021

Coaching and Mentoring Through Change

I approached the Life Enricher team when I was finding my way in the world again after being made redundant, having a baby, suffering with post-natal depression, and starting to look for a new job/career. They helped me see my potential once again.

They listened to my story with open ears and open arms. I was treated with empathy, and they helped me with honest and practical advice for the challenges I was facing.

They coached me through numerous job interview preparations, guided me throughout and gave me the skills to take away for the future. As a result, my confidence in myself has returned, I know walk around with purpose and my love for life has come back.

Working with the team has been amazing. When I started working with them, my confidence was on the floor and I was looking for a new job so not feeling good enough. They always managed to ask me questions that I’ve never thought of which teased out the answers to help me get to my own solutions.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Life Enricher to anyone. When they get their hands on a problem, you almost end up feeling sorry for the problem!! They are a tenacious, intelligent, and hugely passionate team of problem solvers using advice, recommendations and support along the way.

Client – April 21

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