How Do You Want To Live?

Most people have one ‘thing’ that if they ‘could just…’ change, their lives would be enriched.

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What’s Your ‘Thing’?

Food and Nutrition

Lose weight for good? Learn what healthy eating really is?

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Home Environment

Live in a stylish, organised home?

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Would you like choosing what to wear, to be effortless?

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Work Life

What’s on your mind?

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Coaching & Mentoring

Would you benefit from support to guide you through your Life Enriching change?

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You aspire to live in a certain way but haven’t yet been able to make your change happen. The Life Enricher team are here to help.

Contact us by phone or complete the contact form – we will follow up with a free 30 min consultation call to see if we can help.

The Life Enricher team work in partnership with individuals and small businesses to create personalised practical solutions so your life enriching change happens. Your change could be big or small but it will enrich your life, feeling the benefit everyday.

What do you need to make your change?

Your needs may be practical hands on support or hands off guidance and advice. We curate your solution to your needs offering:

  1. Inspiration and ideas
  2. In depth knowledge, education or training
  3. Coaching or mentoring in conjunction with 1 or 2 or simply on its own to make your change happen
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The Life Enricher are a small Essex based team. Throughout our corporate careers, we continually met people wanting to make life enriching changes that would benefit day-to-day living, but were prevented by a lack of time, expertise, or belief they could achieve their aspirations. This led to the formation of the business.

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What do our clients say about us?

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“…it is completely liberating”

Client – December 2020

“A total breath of fresh air…”

Client – January 21

“…I’ll be forever grateful.”

Client – June 2021

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