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What you eat affects your mood, health and quality of life.
Everyone has something they would like to improve when it comes to food.

What is the Food & Nutrition Life Enrichment you want?

  • Lost weight but put it back on? We tell you why, and how to lose weight without going on a “diet” ever again.
  • How to sustain eating well beyond a few weeks.
  • Educate yourself about what relevant healthy eating is. And what it isn’t. We cut through the minefield of (mis)information.
  • Why successful weight loss is not about willpower.
  • Thinking of moving to vegetarianism or veganism and need inspiration.
  • Have weekly zero food waste.
  • How to get out of your family food rut. Let us provide inspiration.
  • Break the habit of eating ultra-processed food.
  • Invest in your future health through food now.
  • Spend less money on food and still eat well.
  • To eat less meat.
  • Support your workplace/employees/school with better nutrition.
  • Food intolerance support and recipe inspiration .
  • Training for a personal fitness goal.
  • Need a break? Let us do all your meal planning for you. Personalised meal plans and your shopping lists done, so you can think about something else.
  • Simply want to learn to eat and cook better, and why it matters.
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